1. Machine Learning for Emergency Medical Dispatch: A Data Driven Approach. 2024-2026. Smart Ideas. Grant: $1,000,000 NZD (Key Researcher)
  2. A Data-science Driven Evolution of Aquaculture for Building the Blue Economy, MBIE Strategic Science Investment Fund, 2020-2027, 13,000,000 NZD (Project Coordinator and Key Researcher)
  3. Intelligent anti-drowning swimsuit based on blood dissolved oxygen technology, Shenzhen Science and Technology Commission, 2015-2016, 10, 0000 RMB. (PI)
  4. Vehicle Path Planning of Cold Chain Products, the Innovation and Development Fund Project of Shenzhen University, 2016-2017, 1,0000 RMB. (PI)
  5. Multi-population Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Application in Vehicle Routing Problem of Cold Chain Products, the Graduate Students' Independent Innovation Fund Research Project of Shenzhen University, 2015-2016, 3000 RMB. (PI)
  6. The Nurse Scheduling Optimization under Multiple Constraints, the Annual Extra-curricular Academic and Technological Innovation Project of Shenzhen University, 2015-2016, 1800 RMB. (PI)